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MSUN's Seagrass Habitat Expert Dr. Wilfredo H. Uy  Joins Local and International Experts in Empowering DENR Personnel in Marine Conservation Efforts

Dr. Wilfredo H. Uy, a distinguished authority in seagrass habitat research at MSUN, recently shared invaluable insights on the "Case Study on Threat Assessment" within marine ecosystems. Serving as a Resource Person for the Multi-Year National Integrated Protected Areas System- Marine Protected Area (NIPAS-MPA) Capacity Building Program, organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB), Dr. Uy illuminated critical issues and solutions.

The training, conducted from April 28 to May 6, 2024, in Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, drew DENR Personnel from various regions across the Philippines. This collaborative initiative between the DENR, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US NOAA), and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) exemplifies a unified approach to conservation efforts.

By leveraging the expertise of both local and international experts, this program aims to capacitate DENR Personnel with globally recognized standards and scientific methodologies. Dr. Uy's contributions underscore the importance of integrating research into practical conservation practices, ensuring the preservation of our marine ecosystems for future generations.

MSUN extends gratitude to DOST-PCAARRD for their trust and guidance in projects aimed at sustainability and community development. Together, they continue their journey toward scientific innovation and community empowerment.

MSUN Advances Aquatic Ecosystems with DOST-PCAARRD Partnership

Mindanao State University at Naawan (MSUN) took another stride in scientific innovation by signing a Memorandum of Agreement on February 20, 2024, for the project "Impact Assessment of the Program on Refinement of Mangrove Crab Hatchery Technology." Chancellor Dr. Elnor C. Roa and Project Leader Dr. Anabelle Dece A. Espadero spearheaded this collaboration. 

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST PCAARRD), the project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of refining mangrove crab hatchery technology, enhancing its adoption pathways, and tracking its impact. 

Success in this endeavor could boost productivity and profitability for crab farmers, thereby bolstering local economies and livelihoods. Additionally, it fosters a network for sharing vital information among policymakers and coastal communities. 

Forging Minds, Building a Sustainable Future

February 20, 2024, marked another milestone for Mindanao State University at Naawan as Chancellor Dr. Elnor C. Roa and Dr. Rey Y. Capangpangan signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

The MOA seals the partnership for implementing the project titled “Environment-Friendly Electrosynthesis of Urea from CO2 and Nitrate Over Rationally Designed Cu-Based Bimetallic Nanocatalysts,” funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD).

This 3-year project aims to revolutionize urea production by developing a sustainable and cost-effective process using rationally designed Cu-based bimetallic nanocatalysts and combining Carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrate as feedstocks. 

The project aims to synthesize and characterize Cu-based bimetallic nanocatalysts, perform electrochemical measurements, optimize operating conditions, and evaluate energy consumption, environmental impact, and economic viability.

Moreover, this venture underscores international collaboration through the MECO-TECO Joint Research Program between DOST and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan. The project will collaborate closely with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

This initiative reaffirms MSUN’s commitment to scientific research for sustainable development, impacting environmental preservation and economic growth in the Philippines and beyond. As REY Laboratories at MSUN continues to expand, this project marks a significant milestone and presents a challenge for Dr. Capangpangan.

Team Clean Ocean has received an extension project grant from Save Philippine Seas and Coca-Cola Philippines

At the recent Reimagine Recycling 5 (RR5) Summit held at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Team Clean Ocean emerged as one of the nationwide finalists. This summit, a collaborative effort between Save Philippine Seas and Coca-Cola Philippines, aims to tackle plastic pollution and foster responsible SEAtizenship.

The project leader, Ms. Ana Winnielyn J. Galeos, proudly presented the college's extension project, which focuses on providing sustainable solutions to marine litter in the coastal areas of Naawan. Joining her in this remarkable journey is Ms. Dainna Recel S. Pamisa, one of the project proponents.

The participants of the summit underwent comprehensive training sessions and exciting site visits to Coca-Cola's PET bottle recycling facility. This hands-on experience has enriched the participants’ understanding of waste management practices and bolstered our commitment to creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

With an initial grant of 200k for the establishment of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), the project is poised to make a tangible difference in the community. The knowledge gained from this summit will also inform future extension projects, ensuring that the team’s efforts remain impactful and sustainable.

For the past two years, Team Clean Ocean has been unwavering in its dedication to protecting the coastal areas of Naawan. The commitment to this cause is steadfast, and the team pledges to continue the efforts until the highest standards of environmental stewardship are achieved. Initiatives like this exemplify the university's commitment to creating positive social and environmental change.

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Stopping the Illegal Collection of Undersized Sea Cucumber 

Dr. Anabelle Espadero is actively engaged in the effort to halt the illegal collection of undersized sea cucumbers, scientifically known as Holothuria scabra or commonly referred to as sandfish, which thrive in our coastal waters. Renowned for their nutritional value and as a dietary staple in various coastal communities, sea cucumbers also play a pivotal role in marine ecosystem maintenance by contributing to environmental cleanliness.

Beyond their ecological significance, sea cucumbers boast medicinal properties and hold a considerable market value due to their expense. Dr. Espadero's dedicated advocacy aims to restore sea cucumber populations to their pre-1970s levels, addressing the crucial need for sustainable conservation measures.

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This commendable initiative not only showcased the students' artistic talents but also served as a powerful testament to the importance of reducing and recycling non-biodegradable waste in our coastal communities.

"From Plastic to Phyla: An awareness journey from the World of Marine invertebrates"

On December 18-19, 2023, an inspiring exhibit unfolded, showcasing meticulously crafted models of marine invertebrates ingeniously fashioned from recycled marine litter. MRB 132 Marine Zoology students took the helm of this creative endeavor, diligently collecting recyclable solid waste from Naawan's coastal area. With unwavering commitment, they transformed the collected materials into an array of stunning creations, ranging from decorative items to intricate educational 3D models.

Under the thoughtful supervision of Director Mariefe B. Quinones, the activity not only brought environmental consciousness to the forefront but also fostered a sense of responsibility among the participants.

The exhibit drew the attention and admiration of not only the student body but also esteemed faculty members and Barangay Officials. They gathered for a special viewing, acknowledging the remarkable efforts put forth by the students in transforming waste into meaningful and aesthetically pleasing creations. 

The event was participated by various research groups, academic institutions, local government units, and the DENR, hence serving as an avenue for future collaboration in establishing a baseline dataset for marine plastic litter in the country. 

Training of Trainers on Marine Litter Monitoring

Assistant Professors Lovella R. Calala and Ana Winnielyn J. Galeos were among the participants of the 9-day intensive Training of Trainers on Marine Litter Monitoring in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan from November 6 to15, 2023.  

The training was organized by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia and led by  Dr. Kathryn J. Willis and Dr. Britta Denise Hardesty.

The activities focused on the current methodologies and technologies in Plastic Litter Monitoring across inland, river, coastal, and sea surface environments.

CMAS Faculty members bagged awards during the 2023 Annual Agency In-House Research, Development, and Extension Review and Evaluation

The College of Marine and Allied Sciences congratulates the esteemed faculty members for the successful and impactful presentation of their research and extension projects during the 2023 Annual Agency In-House Research, Development, and Extension Review and Evaluation with the theme "Transdisciplinary RDE: Strengthening collaborative actions for a resilient and sustainable future". The event was joined by all the colleges, and research and extension groups of the institution, showcasing their respective research, development, and extension project outputs. 

At the end of the momentous event, four faculty members of the college emerged victorious for different categories. Prof. Rey Y. Capangpangan bagged the Second Best Paper for the paper "In Silico Nanotoxicology Evaluation of Engineered Nanomaterials: Bridging the Data Gap on Experimental Approaches for Toxicity Appraisal with Implications to Nanomaterial Risk Assessment and Nano-safety" under the Completed Project category. Ms. Lovella R. Calala placed Third Best Paper for the "Assessment of Seagrass and Seaweed Resources in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental" for the Natural Science category of Completed Research of a Project. For the Completed Extension Project category, the extension project "Building Strategies for Public Advocacy and Awareness of Plastic Pollution from Community Perception" presented by Ms. Ana Winnielyn J. Galeos secured the First Best Paper award. The second phase of this extension project entitled "Clean Ocean Public Forums: Solid Waste Segregation for Households in Coastal Areas", presented by Ms. Dainna Recel S. Pamisa, also grabbed the Second Best Poster

These exceptional achievements are proof of the college's dedication to provide quality research and extension projects for the benefit of the community and towards a resilient and sustainable future. 

Empowering Futures: CMAS Convocation and Orientation 2023

During this enlightening event, our students received in-depth guidance on various crucial aspects of their academic journey, including University VMGO, Library Policies and Services, Student Ethics and Career Pathways: 

This event brought together a distinguished group of attendees, including dedicated faculty members from CMAS, the Secretary of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA), the representative of the Office of the Registrar, and the esteemed Director of the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD). Their presence added depth and significance to the occasion, enriching the experience for our students.

CMAS General Assembly 2023: Celebrating Harmony of the Sea and Technology

The College of Marine and Allied Sciences (CMAS) recently conducted a momentous event that brought together students, faculty, and staff in a celebration of innovation, academic excellence, and the symbiotic relationship between the sea and technology. The CMAS General Assembly 2023, themed "Panaghiusa 2023: Harmony of the Sea and Technology," served as a platform to recognize outstanding achievements, introduce the esteemed faculty and staff, and further inspire the academic community to explore new frontiers in marine and allied sciences. 

The event acknowledged the exceptional accomplishments of students who demonstrated excellence during the previous school year's 1st and 2nd semesters. 

A Talk on Demystifying the Ecology of Lionfish

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension and the College of Marine and Allied Sciences jointly organized a lecture on Demystifying the Ecology of Lionfish last July 20, 2023. The guest lecturer, Dr. Bernard F. Castillo II, discussed the lionfish invasion in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Dr. Castillo is a proud MSU alumnus and is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virgin Islands, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, USA. 

The BS Marine Biology students of MSUN and the trainees from Camiguin Polytechnic State College and Davao del Norte State College attended the lecture and actively participated in the discussion. The event aimed to enhance the knowledge of students and researchers on important topics/areas related to lionfish and to foster collaboration for future research. 

6th Organic Asia Congress in Kauswagan: Experts from MSU-Naawan Present Innovative Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Three distinguished faculty-researchers from MSU-Naawan took center stage, showcasing their innovative contributions to the field during the 6th Organic Asia Congress held at Kauswagan International Convention Center in Lanao del Norte . Prof. Renoir Abrea, our Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension, delivered an engaging presentation on the "Sustainable Coral Reef of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte." His enlightening insights highlighted the critical role of healthy marine ecosystems in supporting sustainable food production.

Dr. Rey Y. Capangpangan, the Director for International Affairs and Linkages, took the stage to discuss "Enhancing Organic Farming through Nanotechnology Innovations." His presentation explored the potential of nanotechnology in revolutionizing organic farming practices, offering promising solutions to enhance productivity and sustainability. 

Additionally, Dr. Wilfredo Uy's presentation on "Community-based Sea Cucumber Farming in Kauswagan" highlighted the significant role of community engagement in promoting sustainable aquaculture practices and supporting local livelihoods. 

Under the theme "Building World Peace through Organic Agriculture: Food security vital to peace-building," this year's congress aims to underline the critical link between organic agriculture, food security, and global peace. By promoting organic farming methods and the production of healthy food, the congress seeks to contribute to achieving food security as an essential component of building a harmonious world. 

Empowering IT Students and Faculty through the successful 2-Day Workshop on Python Programming 

The 2-day workshop and training on Python Programming was conducted with immense success. The training which took place on May 18-19, 2023 at the MSUN Function House is organized by the Body of Information Technology Society (BITS). It opened up a world of possibilities in the field of python programming.

The workshop featured a comprehensive curriculum meticulously designed to cover fundamental and advanced aspects of Python programming. The esteemed resource speakers, Engr. Wendell M. Galeos and Mr. Cris Neil Anthonny M. Gulfan, captivated the audience with their wealth of knowledge and real-world expertise. Their insights and practical examples enriched the learning experience, equipping participants with a solid foundation in Python. 

This workshop brought together a vibrant mix of IT students and esteemed faculty members from the College of Marine and Allied Sciences (CMAS). Participants shared a common goal: to delve into the world of Python programming and equip themselves with invaluable skills for the digital era.

Making presence in the national and international IT arena

Faculty members and selected students of the Information Technology (IT) Department of the College made their presence known in both national and international conferences in IT.

Engr. Wendell S. Galeos participated in the 25th PSITE NatCon, The Silver Anniversary National Convention, in full face-to-face on March 23-25, 2023 at the Widus Hotel and Casino Clark, Manuel A Roxas Highway Zone, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga. This is also when the Department applied for membership to the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATORS FOUNDATION, INC. (PSITE)

A month later, on April 27-28, 2023 Engr. Galeos together with Mr. Cris Niel Anthonny M. Gulfan presented their students work at the Regional Conference on Information Technology Education (RCITE) at the Camiguin Polytechnic State College, Mambajao, Camiguin. Their work entitled "Aquatem: Aquatic Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System" is a capstone project by Jean Axelle Taleon, Derkwin Dela Cerna, Jecilmae Adalid.

On April 29, 2023, Dr. Flordeline Cadeliña presented her work entitled "Web-based Grade School Monitoring Assessment" at the International Conference on the Future of Engineering and Technology (ICFET 2023) held virtually and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To read more about the curriculum revision meeting, visit:

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MSU Naawan hosts system-wide curriculum revision of Fisheries and Marine Biology programs

The School of Marine Fisheries and Technology and the College of Marine and Allied Sciences joined forces to spearhead the curriculum revisions of the undergraduate and graduate programs of Fisheries and Marine Biology on September 7 and 8, 2022 at the MSU at Naawan Function House.

The meeting is attended by curriculum co proponents from MSU IIT, MSU TCTO, MSU Maguindanao, MSU Sulu, MSU LNAC, MSU GenSan, MSU Buug, and MSU Marawi.

CMAS at Siargao

The College of Marine and Allied Sciences faculty members went to Siargao Island to plan but most importantly, to bond.

The Strategic Planning Workshop and Team building activity of the college was held at General Luna (Siargao Island), Surigao del Norte on July 25-28, 2022. It was the best place and timing for the activity when it can be both invigorating for planning activities yet at the same time provide relaxation after a day's work. 

Turn over of responsibilities

The former dean of the College of Science and Environment Prof. Emilie G. Tubio turns over responsibilities to the new dean Dr. Jesrael B. Palco ceremonially on July 26, 2022 at General Luna, Surigao del Norte.  Also, the new name of the college, College of Marine and Allied Sciences was ceremonially inaugurated that day. 

Read more about the new name of the College here.

College Online Orientation

It was great to finally get to know each other -- students, parents, instructors, and professors of the college.

If you missed the orientation or missed a few moments, a recording of the online orientation is available on our facebook page.