About Us



To develop outstanding professionals who will make distinctive contributions to marine science, environment, and technology through education and innovative research, development and extension.


Why Marine Science?

Marine science is one of the most important applied sciences in our modern age. It is a rich discipline that combines studies from a variety of fields to understand the complex marine environment, marine life, and their interactions. 

MSU Naawan is identified as a Center of Development in Marine Biology, and as the flagship program of the university, it is being envisioned that this field will be the niche area for which MSU Naawan will be known for in the future. 

In the years to come, through extensive Research, Innovation, and Extension activities in this area, the term “Marine Science” will be coined with MSU Naawan.

Why Allied Sciences?

Using the term “Marine Science” alone does not and will never capture the entire strength and capability of the college. The field of marine science requires knowledge from other fields, such as biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics among other fields to analyze marine systems and appreciate processes affecting marine life.

MSU Naawan is not limiting the research areas where we can explore; in fact, product development and other innovations are already part of the researchable fields that we are currently pursuing. The multidisciplinary nature of the college can bring us to greater heights and be at par with other universities in the country.



A forward-thinking university fostering innovation in research and education in aquatic and allied sciences.


To provide a culturally-sensitive, digitally-driven, and globally-engaged academic community committed to transformative research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship programs for sustainable development.