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Three CMAS Faculty members complete CIMPA School 2022: Mathematical Modelling of Ecosystems

Ms. Floremie B. Apdian (in presence), Ms. Ana Winnielyn J. Galeos (in presence), and Mr. Wendell S. Galeos (online) completed the π˜Ύπ™šπ™£π™©π™§π™š π™„π™£π™©π™šπ™§π™£π™–π™©π™žπ™€π™£π™–π™‘ π™™π™š π™ˆπ™–π™©π™π™šπ™’π™–π™©π™žπ™¦π™ͺπ™šπ™¨ 𝙋π™ͺπ™§π™šπ™¨ π™šπ™© 𝘼π™₯π™₯π™‘π™žπ™¦π™ͺΓ©π™šπ™¨ (CIMPA) π™Žπ™˜π™π™€π™€π™‘ 2022: Mathematical Modeling of Ecosystem held on August 22 to September 2, 2022 at the Caraga State University, Butuan City.

They worked on mini-modelling projects such as a model of dengue taking into account random movements of mosquitoes, a model of covid-19 taking into account random contacts, and a model of Earthquake-generated tsunami over a subsea hill.

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CIMPA School Philippines 2022

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